BHI membership is open to anyone with an interest in horology.

Benefits of membership:

  • A copy of the Horological Journal.
  • Access to the collection for study and research.
  • Free use of the reference library.
  • Use of the Institute’s information service.
  • Membership of any Local Branch of the Institute.
  • Access to BHI horological education.
  • Participate and vote in the Annual General Meeting.

Categories of membership:

  •  Fellow (FBHI), Member (MBHI), Trade Associate, Associate, Corporate member.
  • The BHI distinguishes between members with a small “m” which includes everyone who has joined, and Members with a capital “M” which refers to professionals who can use the title MBHI (Member of the BHI) and FBHI (Fellow of the BHI) after their names.
  • Fellows, Members and Trade associates have to undergo an in loco inspection of their workshops to qualify.
  • Anyone can become an Associate.
  • Corporate membership is a way for larger corporates to show their support and benefit from membership.
  • All members are required to work with the BHI Code of Practice.

Membership fees.

Publicly listed South African members in alphabetical order:

FELLOW (FBHI): A competent and experienced horologist who demonstrates excellence in general horology, or eminence in a particular practical horological specialism.

MEMBER (MBHI): A competent and experienced horologist who may have either been awarded an acceptable horological qualification or demonstrated equivalent practical knowledge and experience.

TRADE ASSOCIATE: A professional in a field closely allied to horology, eg engraver, cabinet maker, dial restorer etc. This grade is also available for small businesses.

ASSOCIATE: Anyone with an interest in horology. No special entrance requirements. In this category one can find amongst others clock enthusiast and students of horology.